Monday, October 26, 2009

Bike mock-up

Here is a quick sketch up of the bike that i did on a bike CAD program online. When I dropped it off at the painters this morning they informed me that because the fork had some plastic on it, they could not paint it because it has to be baked. I think I will keep the fork its original color, which is a very bright silver. I'll touch up all the scratches and make it look whole again, but I don't want to mess with matching the color to the frame (which will be gloss black).

I think I will go with red accents on most of the bike. Red grips and a red seat post. I haven'tyet decided on what decal to go with, but I'm leaning towards Ofanym ( or some variation thereof) which means "bicycle" in Hebrew.

Let me know any comments or suggestions you have about the colors/layout/decals/anything.


  1. I think that looks totally awesome

  2. I agree Steven, I wish I could ride such a sweet bike.

  3. Good luck! But it sounds like you won't need much luck at all. I love it.