Sunday, October 25, 2009

Transplant list

About 3 years ago the apartment complex I used to live in was throwing out a bunch of old bikes--so I snatched up a 2006 GT mountain bike. Its an aluminum frame, but I don't care for the frame style, so I will not be using it. However, it does provide an excellent organ donor to my bike. I decided to take a look at it this afternoon and noticed that the suspension was still in excellent condition. This bike has a much nicer air type suspension, so it will make the ride noticeably smoother. My favorite part about this suspension is the front fork; its magnesium and about 5lbs lighter than the steel one from the trek, so it will be going to the painters tomorrow and not the OEM one.

the fork is in really good condition

I have an '86 Cannondale which I converted to a single speed a few years ago, however, since the frame was way too big for me, I'm going to cannibalize some of its components. Namely the crankset--which is a good brand--and maybe the single speed hub on the rear wheel.

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